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Features:- Connect to "Online" and "Offline" Minecraft servers- Supports Minecraft 1.6.4 and higher.- Automatically spawn on connect.- No limit on servers in your server list.Notes:- MineChat does not work with servers that require client modification such as Tekkit and Forge Modloader.- MineChat will work over 3G/4G, but eats up a good bit of data and can run slow depending on your connection. So it is recommended you are on WI-FI when in using MineChat.- MineChat sends a spawn command automatically upon connection to help prevent your character from getting killed while using the app. However, not all servers support the spawn command or have delay before teleporting you which leaves your character vulnerable during that time period. Be sure you are aware how your server handles spawning.
For additional information or issues when connecting, please contact us directly as we cannot respond to App Store reviews.
Contact:Use the Email button in the Settings tab for help or suggestions.
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